Boy, it’s hot out.  It’s in the 90’s today. 

This is Bubba’s first week out of school and Tyler last week in.  I didn’t make any plans for them this summer.  Football will be starting for Bubba in July and practices continue for Ty.  I figure a month relaxing for the boys is ok.  I do feel a tinge of guilt that my kids will not be participating in any summer programs this year.  😦

So everyday after work, I’ll be making it a point to do something fun with the kids.  Whether it be taking a drive to the park for an hour or playing board games at the dinner table or even watching a kid-friendly movie, we’ll be doing something together. 

Lately, we’ve been playing this:

This kid is so competitive, he would not let me go until he beat me.


Good times.

Yet ANOTHER pair of socks

And this:


I know it looks like a pile of yarn right now, but it’ll be so pretty when it’s done.  Just you wait.  I’m so excited about this one.   

Isn’t the yarn beautiful?


It’s going to be a lace shawl.  I’ll share all the details when it’s completed. 


What have you been up to?