It was hard to get a clear pic of her wearing her shrug.  She wiggles.  A lot.


Original pattern here.

Here are the mods I did to make it fit my toddler:

CO: 72 sts.
Entire piece measured 12 inches, including 2.5 inches of ribbing on both top and bottom.

The original pattern is easy to adjust to any size.  Her instructions take your measurements and fit it to the pattern. Genius.

This took me a few hours to complete and can be worn with a tank top and jeans or even a dress.  It’s a simple garment that can be dressed up or down.


If you want one, I can arrange it.  Just email me or leave a request in the comments.

Smile 🙂


*The dinosaur she’s playing with was Jennifer’s (yarnovercoffee’s moderator). If you’re interested in a pattern for that (it’s crochet), I can get that from her.