Yes, I dabble a little at the sewing machine.

A couple of years ago, I found this tutorial on craftster (link at the end of post) and thought it looked easy.  It showed step-by-step instructions on how to make a little girl dress out of a button-up men’s shirt.  It is genius, I loved the idea and of course, the pictures of the adorable little model helped too.

Anyway, my guys have plenty of aloha shirts gathered through the years, and most of them hang unworn in my closet.  I thought they would make a perfect dress for Lai.  I made this after deciding on a shirt (Tyler’s, worn once).

It’s short, but fits nicely and easily around her small frame.


This is the front of the shirt, and if you look closely you can see the front breast pocket still there at the top of the dress, under the right strap.  I probably should’ve taken the time to take it out, but I like it, and how else would anyone believe this was once a shirt.  I also think it adds character.


That was two years ago.  Pre-blog.  I would’ve liked to have a before picture to show, along with some progress shots, but being blogless back then, I didn’t even think of taking pictures.  In fact, before yesterday, I forgot all about this dress.  That is until I got home yesterday. Lai was wearing it, after rummaging through the clothes in my closet, she found this long-lost dress hanging hidden deep in the rack of her other dresses.  I love this dress and how it turned out.  Proud at my accomplishment.  *taps self on back*

I so rock.  😉


Tutorial here.

I think she needs another one.  Don’t you?