This past weekend, along with celebrating Ty’s birthday, we got to hang out with Lloyda (whom I haven’t seen since December) and her sister Matau (it’s been 20 years!).

On Friday I didn’t go to work (Bubba was sick, he was feeling better after lunch).   Nacho, Lai, and I went with Mom to pick up her “special shoes” (I call them her “moon shoes”).  Took the kids to BK and then to the park to let DH and Bubb catch some much needed sleep.  Got home in the afternoon, in time to take Ty to therapy and then DH and I took the kiddos to dinner at Applebee’s





Later that night, Lloyda and Matau came over.  DH had to work  so the rest of us just hung out and played dominoes and talked until 3 in the morning.




It was a very nice visit.  The kids have really missed their Aunty Lloyda and warmly welcomed their new-to-them Aunty Tau. 

Matau is older than Lloyda and is graduating with a nursing degree in 9 months.  She was in Nashville for a nursing seminar/conference at Opryland.  She got to stay at the Opryland Hotel with a few of her fellow students.  Nashville impressed this Las Vegas resident, the beauty of the land. Until, of course, her allergies kicked in!  I gave her some allergy medication Saturday morning and she was fine. 

We took them to Bubba’s game on Saturday.  Bubba scored the only touchdown! Yay! He did wonderfully!

Joleen met us there and from the park, we took Danny home to sleep, he had to work again that night 😦

Then off to the mall for birthday presents for the man-child.

We walked the whole mall stopping at every store that Ty fancied.  He made out with 8 cool t-shirts (this boy LOVES graphic tees)  and a pair of black high top Nikes.  Mr. Picky couldn’t find jeans that met his requirements, so he didn’t get any.  Oh, he now wears a men’s Large.  !!! He’s gotten thicker since his surgery 2 months ago and now weighs 165! 


Joleen hung out with us until 8 and Lloyda spent another night with us watching movies.  She went home Sunday night.

Well, that’s all folks.

Cast on another hat. This time in blue.  The yellow scarf is almost done.  It should’ve already been finished and sewn shut, but I blame the book.  Yep, still reading that one.  I can’t put it down.

Happy Tuesday!