My sweet niece, Seiorianna shares her birthday with my MIL.  I called my SIL yesterday and had a nice long chat with her.  They had a small party for Seiorianna this past Saturday with pizza, cake, and ice cream. 

Lai and Sei are 8 days apart.  When they first met back in July in Las Vegas, they clicked.  Watching them warm up to each other was so sweet.  They were able to spend a whole day and night together.  Unfortunately they were not able to say goodbye (We had to start our drive home early in the morning)…  I guess it was for the better.  Goodbyes suck.

As much as I long for my daughter and niece to grow up together, I understand that we are where we are for a reason.  It’s God’s plan, not ours. 

Anyway, Happy Birthday my sweet Seiorianna…




We love and miss you soooo much!