It’s warm outside this week…




The kids have been so happy for some outside-play. 

Also,  I talked to my best friend from 7th grade, Robin.  I haven’t seen her in 22 years!  She’s happily married with SIX kids and living only FOUR hours from me.  Wow.  She actually found me on facebook.  Thank God for facebook!  Our conversation left me so warm and fuzzy on the inside…

AND I finally talked to Marsh.  Hi Marsh!  I’m still praying about making it down to her in August.  Anyone know how I can get cheap airf*re to Samoa?  Frequent flyer miles, anyone?  I have the time saved up with work, I just need a ticket. 

Two, TWO conversations with really wonderful women/friends/sisters.  I’m a happy girl.

And look what came in the mail:


Aren’t they pretty?  My face is hurting from smiling so much.

101_9893  101_9892   101_9894

Red, Aquamarine and Green.  The one in the middle is my favorite.  🙂

I’ve already cast on for a project with the green one.


It’s heaven to knit with. So soft and squishy.  It’s mostly bamboo with some wool and nylon.  Yummy!

Yeah.  I had a great day yesterday.  I’m so blessed and I don’t even deserve it.

I hope you find happiness today.