I was trying to embed a slideshow of some pics of Aunty Doris and Lolo that Dad took while they are visiting in Vegas, but it didn’t work. ??????

Hi Dad!

Anyway, my friend Michelle (on the train) was the only person who was willing to cut my stitches out for me. And believe me, I asked EVERYONE. She so sweet.

It looks good.  (Sorry for the crappy pics, I snapped these with my cell phone)


Thanks Michelle!

Oh, and on an un-related note, I have successfully recruited another soul to the dark side.  My brother, Gordon.  He is officially a knitter!  Yay.  He is helping me thin out my stash.  Hopefully, he can help me knit some things for the “shop”.  I will let you know what’s going on with that as soon as I discuss the plans with him.  🙂

Here he is a couple of weekends ago.  I snuck up on him while he was on his lunch break at the mall. 

I’m so proud of him….

You can see his first project here.

It’s spring break here.  The kids are spending their time off going to the dentist and the gym with Daddy.  It is beautiful outside today, warm and sunny. 

Hope it’s warm and sunny where you are!