Guess what I did yesterday?

The back-story:

I have been complaining about how I needed a new knife.  The knife I had been using for cooking was as dull as a butter knife and I was tired of “sawing” things like cabbage and chicken.  So DH gave in and bought me a fancy “Chicago Cutlery” knife.  It is beautiful. 

So, yesterday DH wanted an apple and I wanted to be nice and cut it and core it for him.  So I whipped out my new knife.  And the rest….

Well, I ended up with my fingertip flapping open.  Gross, I know.  I really didn’t want  to go to the hospital, but after talking with Annie on the phone, she suggested that I get stitches.  I even got a second opinion from my neighbor the nurse.  So off I went, along with my injured son Ty to the ER. 

We were a pitiful pair.  Him in his knee brace and me with a gauzed-up bloody finger….


Four hours and four stitches later we were home.  I was so bummed that I had to spend our Sunday like that. 

Oh well.  At least I have learned a valueable lesson:  ALWAYS use a cutting board!


And you know what I was worried about?  That I couldn’t knit!  But fortunately I can with this injury.  Whew.

How was your weekend?


* Update:
Here’s what it looks like today:

Kinda cool huh?