My FIL’s visit was a short but sweet one.  He arrived here Thursday morning and left Saturday morning.  He spent a lot of time with Ty and the 2 little ones. 

Here’s how they spent a lot of their time together:

At the bus station on Saturday:


Click to biggie:
101_9665     101_9666   101_9670
101_9673   101_9677

It was a nice visit. Hopefully next time we’ll get to see Mom too. 

He called yesterday morning to let us know that he made it back ok.

You know, life gets so hectic that you do not realize how much you miss someone until you see them again.  And if it’s been a long time, it shows.  Reunions like this are bittersweet.  Happy that you are finally together, but sad that it’s taken so long.  Happy that he spent some time with the kids, sad that the kids don’t really know him like they should.  His visit this time left me with a mixture of joy, sorrow, sentiment, regret and relief.  So much emotion that I cannot describe it to you.  I wish we were closer to them, in all sense of the word.  I wish my kids could have ALL their grandparents nearby.  I know that they would, if they could.  One day, hopefully we will get our wish.  But if we don’t we will just have to try harder to get together more often and for longer visits…

See you soon, Mom and Dad.  (And Dad!)