I have so many things on my TO-DO list.

-Paint a mural in my formal-living-room-turned-kids-playroom.
-Paint whole first floor one color (Or different shades of one color)
-Sew dresses and skirts for baby girl.
-Start any one (or two) of 20+ knitting projects in the queue.
-Hang out with mom preferably: sewing or taking our monthly Goodwill shopping trip.
-Weed the so-called-garden (ick)
-Stain the deck. (ick-er)
-Power wash the outside of house. (ick-est)
-Clean out garage. (mondo-ick)
-Paint the upstairs. Or choose colors first. duh
-and on and on and on

Oh, man. I have a lot to do. Better get crackin.

It’s supposed to be “spring-like weather” this weekend. In the 60’s. And sunny.

I might just let the kids run around at the park. Or maybe take the bikes out and finally check out the greenway.  Or maybe even go to Cheekwood garden!


I wish the weekend was longer so I can at least do HALF of my list.   AND have a whole day with the family!

If only.

Have a great weekend.