Last weekend I finally got around to taking pictures of my sock yarn stash.  I still have a boat load of other yarns to photograph, but sock yarn is my crack.

For 2009, I plan to knit more socks.  I completed around 20 pairs of socks this past year.  I’m just guessing, it’s probably more, I have to look in my FO notebook to get the real number.  I still have socks that need the toes kitchenered and socks with only one completed (suffering from second sock syndrome) sitting in the UFO baskets.  There are at least 10 pairs of unfinished socks.  I imagine I will get to these soon.  😉 

While it is still cold outside, I am working on a scarf and plan to make a few more hats for me and my family, but as soon as the weather warms up, I will be a sock-knitting fool.

On to pictures:

A crappy overhead shot of all the sock yarn:

The solids:


The self-strping:




A closer view of the solids (the Cotton Fleece pictured here will probably be a lace shawl)


And finally some of the UFOs:


And just for kicks, here’s where my stash sits in my bedroom.


This last picture was taken a few weeks ago.  The UFO baskets are on top (I told you I have a lot of abandoned unfinished objects!)  It was taken on a cloudy day, which explains  the lack of light.  It’s just as well, I wouldn’t want you to really see how bad it really is. REALLY.  These are those assemble-yourself-bookshelves you buy at those big-chain stores.  I know, you can’t even see that they are bookshelves, much less what color they are. 

 There are more yarn balls stashed in various hiding spots throughout the house, but this is their main home.  It is plum-full.  Some mornings, I find balls of yarn on the floor.  I think they are trying to escape, or maybe just out for a walk.  And I think they really want some attention.  They need to be knitted up into beautitul pieces so they can finally be appreciated. 

I need to get organized. 

Anyway, now that I have shown you my crazy yarn fetish, I have to defend myself by telling you that most of this yarn was bought on sale, clearance, from thrift stores, or yard sales.  Heaven forbid I buy yarn full-retail!   I have a few skeins that I paid full-price for, but only because they were for presents, or for a particular project, or I REALLY wanted it….  😉

For you non-knitters, this isn’t that bad.  Honest.  My stash is pretty small compared to most knitters/crocheters (is that the word?)

Here’s an example:

No, that is not a yarn shop.  This is actually someone’s basement in her home.  There are more pics on her daughter in laws blog here.

I told you so.

I am only mildly crazy.

But who isn’t?


**Updated to add a better view of the bookshelves: