This past weekend is sort of a blur.  Not because we were so crazy busy, quite the contrary.  We veged out, mostly.  The sun peeked out Saturday and Sunday, so we took the kids to the park to let out their wiggles.  We had a short visit with DH’s Uncle Kris, who was in town with his daughter Stacy for  a volleyball tourney. 

Our SuperBowl Sunday was spent eating pizza, hot wings, and tons of candy.  Just us.  I find it amusing when my DH yells at the TV.  Is that wrong?  I bet there was a lot of that going on everywhere (yelling at the TV)…

I signed up for a video-store membership and rented 3 movies.  We managed to watch two:

1. Fly me to the Moon.  G.  It is a cute 3-D animation movie about a little boy-fly that “flies” to the moon.  The DVD came equipped with two 3-D glasses (which caused dread for me: 2 glasses+4 kids=total mayhem).  Anyway, it also has an option for viewing in 2-D.  The kids loved this. They watched it three times.


2. Penelope.  PG.  A fantasy/fairytale starring Christina Ricci about a girl born with a pig nose (and ears).  So sweet and quirky, I enjoyed this one. 

The last one is “In Bruges” with Colin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes.  We have to make some time for this one.  Tonight, Chuck, and Heroes returns.  We might just watch those off of the DVR another night so we can finally watch IB. 

  I forgot to mention the really short visit we had with DH’s brother, Grodin a couple of weekends ago.  He had a layover in Nashville on his way to Michigan for work…



It was only for a few minutes, but every minute was bittersweet.


It’s back to cold weather again today.  Sigh. 


**Still knitting feverishly.  I finished 3 Zune cozies for DH over the weekend.  Two of them I completed in less than 2 hours.  Pictures coming.  I have also started a new scarf for me (birthday present to myself), and some socks……