It’s a cataract.

Yeah.  That’s what I said.

I either had it since birth or had eye trauma.  I had to think real hard, but I don’t remember ever getting hit in the eye.  And I told her that I first noticed it in high school.  Most likely I was born with it.  The doctor was amazed.  I guess she had never seen one like mine.  She kept looking at it with her different instruments.  She says that I don’t NEED surgery, unless it really bothers me.  Whew.  Sharp objects near my eyeball freaks me out.  No, thank you. 

And I need glasses.  My vision’s 20/50.  I tried a few on.  I looked like a nerd.  But, that’s ok, I AM a nerd. 

That’s the update.  I thought I’d come by and let you all know. 

We’re watching football staying warm and dry at home.  Well, I’m knitting while the guys watch. 

I hope you’re doing what you love today.  I am.


Lai-lai sporting a sweater I knit for her.  Jan 2007 (I just noticed, but that’s LOST in the background hehe)