DH has HAIR!  Look at my little Ty.  It seems like yesterday he was this age.  He was such a sweet little boy. 

Senior year.  This was our “photo shoot” with my dad.  Alice, Carly, Teuila, and Marsh (not pictured) came over to our house to take pictures.  We even had 2 outfit changes (matching outfits).  Dorks. I remember having fun though. 

Anyway, the weekend is finally here.  This week dragged on.  It was a hard one for me.  Tomorrow I have my first ever eye exam.  I’m dreading it a little.  I might need glasses. 

Have I ever told you about the white dot in my eye?


Do you see it?  It’s been there for years.  It wasn’t until this year that I have noticed  it getting bigger and my vision out of that eye is very blurry.  Do you have any idea what this is?  I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

I have new projects on the needles and I’m getting through them pretty quick.
Knee highs for Kara.  I’m doing the heel and toe in pink.

Clapotis #3.  I still have #1 and #2 on the needles in my UFO basket.  I lost interest.  This one’s a mini-clap so I think I’ll finish this.  AND the yarn is the $37 Schaefer yarn I got for FREE!  It’s so soft and shimmery.  I can’t wait to wear this….

Ty’s back to practicing everyday, I’m picking him up after I get off the train in the afternoons.  Bubba had a hard time this week, like the rest of us.  But I think he’ll be fine next week.  Nacho and Lai are home with Daddy during the day.  I’ll be glad when today is over.  I need a nap.

Have a great weekend!