That’s the title of my future biography, or my inspirational memoir.  Which won’t be done til… you guessed it! 

But joking aside, my little Christmas break was blissfully satisfying.  We did all our shopping in the last 5 days before Christmas and we did not rip each other’s heads off, because, hey, that’s reserved for family vacations, dontchaknow? 

The kids made out like bandits.  They are happy. Which makes DH and I so relieved. 

Most of Christmas day was spent sleeping in.  You see, my little family joined my mom and brother at midnight mass Christmas Eve.  After mass, we ate our Christmas feast at Mom’s house and preceded to open Christmas presents there.  When we got home (at 3:00 am) the kids opened the presents DH and I got them.  Of course, they had to play with all of them, so we didn’t get to bed until 4:30.  yeah.

We got up around noon (ok, maybe AFTER noon, so?)  We hit up Mom’s again for some leftovers and headed to Spring Hill for more Christmas feasting.  It was a nice gathering.  Megan, her hubby and friend were there.  Joleen, Sulu, Neil, and of course the hosts: Rick, Flo, and their adorable little man, Eliah. Even  Flo’s neighbor, Monique came over.  We overate, laughed, laughed, and laughed some more.  Good times.

Friday was shopping day for DH and I.  Saturday, we splurged on breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  We were craving some pancakes, and, yes, it was DELICIOUS!  Sunday was football/lounge around/recoop-before-going-back-to-work day. 

Nacho and Lai developed some sort of ickiness Saturday and Sunday.  Lai had a constant runny nose, with sneezes and all-around crabbiness.  Nacho actually had a fever, sore throat, and he even threw up once.  Poor babies.  They are fine now.  A whole day home Sunday helped them alot.  Everyone else is healthy (and maybe a pound or two heavier)

All in all GREAT Christmas!

I would show you the pictures, but I have misplaced that darn memory card reader.  And don’t even ask where the USB cord for my camera is.  ugh.

So, pictures will have to wait until tomorrow…

Instead here’s a 4 minute commercial that cracked me up.  I thought you’d like it too.