What a weekend!

It was a good one:

A solo trip to the yarn shop that will be closing Dec. 23rd.  They were clearing their stock and even selling shelves and all the furniture.  I made out with some nice stuff.  No, no pictures of that yet.

DH went out with his friends after work Saturday morning and came home around 4:00. He decided to come with me to Chris‘ house (even though I warned him that he’ll be the only adult male and that we will be knitting).  Lai and Bubba stayed with my mom while Ty and Nacho came with us.  I played with Chris’ new DIY swift.  I give you huge props for the mad-crafting-pipefitting-skills, Chris!
The swift in action.

Chris cranking her new ball winder.  Ain’t she purty?


Turned into these:
Ummm. Yarn cakes.

Kris was there, too.  Watching us getting giddy over the yarn balls.  hehe.  Chris and Kris were trying to recruit my DH into the dark side by pressuring him into knitting with us.  I don’t know if him picking up the craft would be a good or bad thing. Let’s weigh it out shall we:
1.  We could knit together, a new level of “quality time”.
2.  I could get more projects done with an extra set of hands.
3.  He would understand the lingo, the passion/obsession, and the need to enhance the stash.
4.  He could knit his own hats, socks, and whatever else he wants for himself. (He is a big guy, and big guys’ stuff eats up more yarn and time)
5.  He would help enhance the stash and more eagerly give up funds for the stash.
6.  He would appreciate the time, thought, and work it takes to knit something more than he does now.

1.  I would have to share my yarn.
2.  I would have to share my yarn.
3.  I would have to share my yarn.
4.  Getting the picture?

No, but seriously, I can’t see the DH knitting.  I know it seems sexist to think that he would look silly with 2 little pointy sticks and some yarn, but, really, COME ON!   Ok, maybe he would look adorable.  But, I know him and he is adamant that it is not for him.  I can also vouch for the fact that this man has not a crafty bone in his body.  He is ALL sports, ALL the time.  But, that’s ok with me.  Really.  He has his football/basketball, and I have my yarn.  All is well.

Anyway, our evening with Chris, Kris, and their kids was wonderful.  We stayed so long that DH, Ty, and Nacho fell asleep waiting for me.  I was having so much fun with Chris.  THANKS Chris!  We should do that again soon.

Last night was Ty’s football banquet.
Here are some pics:
My handsome man-child.

Ty and his friends at their table next to ours.

Ty with his fellow Freshman team.  Excuse the red-eye, he was clear across the room and I had to zoom my lens to the max to get this shot.

Caleb and Ty.

A blurry shot of Ty and Keenan.

Ty and Brennan.

Ty and his posse.  Keenan, Josh, and Kaseem.

Well, that’s all.  I have some pics of Bubba’s artwork to share.  It’s really quite good.