This week’s a doozy.

DH will be working 12 hour shifts this week.  I have training in Madison Wednesday and Thursday.  Bubba has his Christmas Coffee at school which I am sad that I have to miss 😦 Tyler’s football banquet is this weekend.  My in-laws will be visiting for 3 days.  I have a ton of work things to do…  Bleh.

Anyway, here are the rest of the pics I promised.
Isn’t she beautiful?

This is what Gordo found at Goodwill this past weekend.  Actually he picked this one out:

I was perusing the children’s clothing when Gordo brought me this guy.  He was was so excited on his find and told me about the female painting that was there, but could only afford one.  I was curious about the female so he showed it to me and I loved it.  They have matching frames leading us to think they were a pair, brother and sister so-to-speak.  So I bought the sister and he brought the brother. Corny, I know. 

Before now, the kitchen wall held one lonely painting I bought at Ross 2 years ago.  It’s a pretty oil painting of a flower.  It’s a nice painting, but did not look great on that wall.  So Gords and I spent some time Saturday putting these babies up and here’s what we did:

The artist who did these signed her name at the bottom right.  I did some research online and found her here.  Her name is Barbara Weber.  I don’t know if she is still alive, but according to the website, which was designed by her husband, she lives in California.  I also found a site where people who own her paintings, particularly these, have had them in their families for decades.  Now it will be in ours….  That makes me smile.

Along with this purchase, I also bought 2 small prints of French storefronts. 
They’re a little dinged on the sides, but that’s easily fixed with some nail polish.  They were such a good deal (50 cents each!) I could not resist.

I also put this up:
This one is from my neighbor who had a moving sale last year.  This print has been laying around waiting for me to find its place in the kitchen.

I am pretty pleased with how everything looks in my house.  Now, I need to finish painting….


Here are the kids at storytime yesterday:

My friend Shannon was there with her two little boys, Aidan and Samuel.  This is Aidan.

Dancing and singing.

Lai-lai was being shy, so she stayed with Daddy during sing-and-dance.

She started yawning:


Here’s Nacho with the picture he made during crafts.

It was a fun time for the kids.  I just wish I could be off Mondays so I could take them to storytime every week…

Here’s the new sock I started:

Well, that’s it.

I’ll be stopping by here in the next few days to post a little.  Blessings to you and yours this week 😉