Wow, last week flew by quick. 

It was so nice to be home and not working.  I got a lot done, too.  I got the tree up and some decorations.  We typically do not put up any decorations outside.  We just pimp out the inside of our house, since the kids don’t go outside because of the weather.  We would rather ride around and look at other people’s decorations at Christmas time anyway.

I got some laundry done.  I finished the pair of socks I started in June (a Christmas gift).  I took some yarn pictures. I watched some movies.  I got to shop a little on Black-Fri.  I slept in that day and didn’t get out til 10am.  By then, the crazy crowds were already home and all that was left was us slackers.  There were still some stuff left from the sales where I went.  I managed to buy a little something for each one of my kids.  Nothing too exciting really.  I was just enjoying some alone time, some retail therapy.  At this point in my week, I was going crazy with the kids fighting and being kids.  You know how it is.

As you know, Thanksgiving day was awesome here. 

All in all, a great at-home vacation for me.  I wish I could do that once a month.  yeah, right!

Anyway,  here are some pictures:


Isn’t it pretty?


I bought this months ago.  It’s sock weight yarn about 400+ yards, enough for a pair of socks.  But it’s too pretty for socks, right?  I haven’t decided what to do with it.  Any suggestions?

Here are some more pics from our photo shoot Thursday:



Bubba cracks me up.



I have pictures of my yarn stash to share, but I’ll save that for another day.  Christmas is around the corner, folks.  We will be home for the holidays.  My in-laws will be visiting us for a couple of days this month (Hi Mom!).   That will be a nice treat for us. 

I’ll be posting regularly.  Hopefully, I’ll have interesting things to tell you, but maybe not. 

Thanks for coming by here and checking on us.