We had some flakeage this morning.  And IT WAS C.O.L.D. 

I was checking my photobucket and found an album I forgot about.  Took me back.  Like way back.  Would you like to trip with me down memory lane? 

 Let’s go:

Yeah, boyeee!  That’s me Gords, and Glenn.  Check out that fly stereo system in the background.  That thing used to blast out some ABBA and Englebert Humperdink like nobody’s business.  Disco-fever at our house, baby!


I remember that day.  Dad took us to Lion’s Park and snapped pics of us as we played.  I love this one the most. 

After church.   This pic reminds me of Ty’s “picture smile”.  My brothers and I knew that skill early too, being kids of a photographer. heh.

Let’s move on to the high school years, shall we?   The years where I was very ackward and shy.  Can you believe I was voted “Most Bashful” in my senior superlatives?  I know, right?  Hard to believe. 

This was my freshman year.  Yes, that is a uniform. 

That’s me.  With all that hair.  On your right.  Straddling the sign.    Yeah.
Carly made me do it.

Me and my best friend Marsh.  We’re in class, studying hard.  Ha

Umm… yeah.  Don’t know what’s going on here.  This is Marsh again.  In my kitchen. 

The seniors took a trip to the Fono (the “parliament” of Samoa) where we took a tour and had lunch with the Governor. 

Me, Clara, Carly and Alice goofing off during lunch.

Alice, Carly, Teuila, Marsh and me.  Junior year, Samoan Week. 
Every year our school celebrated the Samoan culture with a week of activities.  The entire school was divided into 4 groups.  They mixed all the Freshmans, Sophmores, Juniors and Seniors in each group and we elected leaders who organized the group dances, and competitions in Samoan activities (like coconut-husking and racing), and we even got to design a traditional Samoan outfit made with Flowers and leaves to be judged by a board of teachers, principals and others.  Monday to Thursday each team would gather for practice after lunch (instead of our usual 6th and 7th period classes) to prepare for the big event Friday.  On Friday, all the groups would compete in all the games, dances, and song-singing activities in front of the judges, bishop, priests, matai’s (chiefs), parents, etc.  It was a big deal.  These outfits were the traditional puletasi’s collectively designed by each group.    I remember this week being dreadful and very exciting at the same time.  All the practicing and bickering and getting out of class and getting to hang out with other people not in your class. It was a great time.

Senior year.  Baccalaureate Mass.
Margaret, Marsh, Carly, Nikki, Alice, me and Teuila.

Senior Prom. 
Mr. Matt. Our history teacher.
All the girls swooned over this guy. Poor Mr. Matt.

My senior picture.  I know, I know, it’s ghetto.

Just for kicks, here’s the hubby his senior year:

Isn’t he cute?

More to come.  This’ll be the new Friday ritual.  Quote Friday was kinda dumb.

Have a great weekend!