Some old pics of smiling babies… my babies 🙂

 Another weekend is upon us.  I so look forward to Fridays, even more so lately since work’s becoming more and more unbearable. But I digress.  We will go to the gym again tomorrow morning for my weekly dose of exercise. heh. Then the rest will be gravy.  No other plans.  Just some recharging and family bonding. 

I’ve cast on for 2 new projects.  I finished the other Felicity hat in tan.  No, no pictures.  I’m being lazy.   Surprise…..

Kinda feeling blah. Can you tell?  I hope it’s not the cold a coworker had for 4 days.  He was in the office yesterday hacking up a lung.  It sounded terrible.  Fortunately, he was not in today, it was quiet in the office.  So maybe tomorrow I can just sleep so I can nip this in the bud.  mmmm. That sounds like a brilliant idea.  I’ll check in later. 

Have a great weekend.