Speed knitting with the World’s Fastest Knitter:

Isn’t that just crazy?  Imagine the projects you could whip out at this speed.  She’s in the Guinness Book of World Records for knitting 118 stitches in 1 minute.  That’s almost TWO stitches per SECOND!  Crazy!   Excuse me while I pick up my jaw off the floor.

I said that I was going to go through stuff last night.  Remember? For the yard sale?  Well, guess what?  Yep, it didn’t happen.  Little brother decided to not have the sale after all.  And I did not want to do all that right now.  Instead, he and I went to MJHS Varsity game.  Tyler dressed for the game, but did not get to play.  We played Clarksville and we won 21-6.  It was cold but we had a good time.  We got home after 10 and decided against all the work a yard sale requires.  Plus, it started to rain.  It has been rainning all day today.  Sleepy weather.  Thank God it’s Friday!  I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  Bubba has a playoff game tomorrow against Goodlettsville.  We have to be at the field at the butt crack of dawn (7:30).  ugh. At least we won’t have to be there all day.  We should be done by 11.  Tonight Ty’s going to Brennan’s house.  Brennan’s been a friend of Ty’s since 4th grade through football.  They played one year together at Donelson.  In fact, Brennan’s was the only house Ty was allowed to spend the night at.  They (his mom, Jill, and dad, Danny) are good people.  You can just tell.  After that year at Donelson, Brennan moved to Mt. Juliet and played youth football for Mt. Juliet while we stayed at Donelson 1 year, then Old Hickory for 2 years.  We saw them once in a while at Walmart or various spots in our little town.  This year, the boys were reunited in high school.  He is one of the boys to whom Ty is close.  They tell each other “I love you” and both boys hug each other’s moms whenever they see us.  It’s actually very sweet.  Anyway, tonight Brennan is having a sleep over for his birthday.  Ty and 4 other boys are invited to their home for a night of Xbox, PS, football, and lots of food.  He’ll be having a ton of fun…

That’s the plan for the weekend.

Here’s a quote for you:

 Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use.
Wendell Johnson 


Have a good one!