I have too much on my plate right now. 
Too many projects on the needles, too many commitments, too many issues at work, too many things.  It’s been a bad day.    It’s hard to be positive right now.  I won’t bore you, but I haven’t felt like blogging much because of these things. 

I did, although, find the camera my dad gave me after searching EVERYWHERE for the past week.  You know that thing that happens to batteries in electronics after months of not being used?  Yes, they explode.  And the other day out of the clear blue, I thought to myself “I better get the batteries out of that camera Dad gave me back in July before they pop.”  No real reason, it just came to me.  Anyway, that night I started the search.  That was 8 days ago (last Tuesday).  In fact, I stayed up til 2 am this past Monday looking for that thing worrying about that darn battery acid ruining the camera.   I looked in ALL my bags, in the shelves, junk drawers, under the bed, couch, everywhere.  It was so frustrating.  Even after I made myself go to bed, I was laying there thinking of other places I can look.  I finally found it last night in a bag I already searched, no less.  What a relief!  It’s a nice camera, too.  It’s a Nikon Coolpix L1.  It’s not one of the newer models (it was released 3 years ago) but it has a good review.  I am not complaining.  I think it is great camera. Just like my trusty beat-up Kodak Easyshare 740 .  I will be playing with my new toy tomorrow.  Gordon will be picking me up from work early to have a photo shoot at Warner Park.  We’ll even be taking some pics with the horses.  It’s all very exciting…

My knitting projects? 
1. Baby hat to match baby legwarmers I knitted up this past weekend.

2.  Finish the baby booties and hat for one of the ladies in the quilting class.

3.  Shawl.  I would elaborate but it’s sort of hush-hush. 

4. Monkey socks (yes, I still have those on the needles!)
5. Clapotis (yes, those too)
6. Baby blanket (the one that was supposed to be for my boss)
7. Magic stripe socks (a UFO since July)

I really have to get motivated and finish these. (Pics taken with the Nikon)

I was on Ravelry earlier tempting myself with all the wonderful projects!  I want to make a hat, another shawl, socks, scarves, cowls……  I can go on and on.  There’s just not enough time in the day.  sigh

Football season’s winding down.  Bubba has a by this week and then playoffs next week.  If they win we have 2 more after that.  Tyler has a by this week too.  The team they were scheduled to play cancelled.  Guess where I will be going????  KNIT-NIGHT!  Yay!  After this week, Ty has one more Freshman game and 3 more games with Varsity.  And then, we’ll be free.  I am so ready. 

Nate and Lai are so cute.  Lai is talking a lot more and loves calling people “Honey”.  It’s so funny.  I called her last night to make sure she was ok (I was in the living room and she was in the kitchen).  She comes out of the kitchen and says, “Yes, honey?”.  Adorable.  Nacho is ready for school.  He gets up early and goes to bed at the same time every night.  He’s been very good with pottying and hasn’t had an accident since we took him off the pull-ups.  He told me once that he was “the potty-trainer”.  Made my day.  

Tonight, my brother is performing at Cafe CoCo.  Dh and I will try to go.  I think it’ll be a nice mid-week date.  

Well, folks, that all she wrote.  Rant over.  

I feel better.