“The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans are suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they’re okay, then it’s you.”

-Rita Mae Brown


Another week has passed.¬† Time is flying. ¬†I don’t want to make time go faster, but this week’s ending has brought some relief.¬† It’s been a week of ups and downs

Me and Lai at the game.

¬†Last night was a definite¬†up.¬† Tyler’s team beat Gallatin. The same team that Varsity and JV could not beat in the last week.¬† It was spectacular.¬† 19-6.¬† Tyler scored a TD and played all but 2 plays the entire game.¬† It’s so fun to watch my kid play and play well. ¬† I wouldv’e never¬†imagined that I would enjoy football like I do.

Gordon and Lloyda joined us last night, too.  Bubba, Nate and Lai took turns driving us crazy, running/climbing up and down the bleachers playing tag and fighting (and screaming), gladly no one was hurt. Good times.

Tonight Mt. Juliet Varsity will be playing Portland¬†at the brand-spanking-new football field.¬† Mount Juliet High moved just a mere 3 months ago to their new campus (new building, new parking lot).¬† It’s a beautiful campus.¬† Everything’s new.¬† You can still smell the paint.¬†¬†

There’s going to be a tail-gating party at 5:30 and FIREWORKS!¬† We were informed via email instructing us to wear black (the team colors are black and gold) and to come to the tail gating for some hot dogs and hamburgers.¬† Have you ever watched “Friday Night Lights”?¬† The movie, not the TV series?¬† The small-town scenarios where everything’s closed because everyone’s at the game?¬† Well, it’s like that here especially in the¬†more rural areas.¬† Clusters of small towns all over the south revolve around football this time of year, every year.¬† It’s like a community meeting, ‘cept everyone actually comes….¬† It’s so cool.¬† I’m nervous yet again for my son.¬† I guess it’s normal.¬†


Working on these
I didn’t finish that baby blanket and I ended up giving her another baby blanket I knitted 2 years ago.¬† She loved it just the same. (It was actually alot prettier than the blanket I was working on).¬† I have a long list of things to knit.¬† Here are some:

Make some baby hats , baby hats , baby hats





Oh, and I’ve learned how to hyper-link on wordpress.¬† Can you tell?

And another thing, the quote at the top?  Made me laugh at myself, because all my friends are normal. 

Crazy runs in the family.

Have a great weekend.