Back to the grind…

This past weekend wasn’t as busy as it usually is this time of year.  Mainly because this year we only have 1 football game to attend on Saturday.  Now that Ty is in high school his games are Thursday and Friday nights.  The freshman team did not have a game last Thursday, but Varsity had one on Friday.  They played their rival team Wilson Central at Wilson Central.  Ty was 1 of 5 freshman who got to dress for this game.  Below is a picture of the team right before the game.   Ty is #32.  See how small my baby is amoung those upper classmen?  I was worried sick.  None of the freshman got to play because of the close score, and I was sort of relieved for that.  He wasn’t though…  They were tied in the fourth quarter with 3 minutes left.  Wilson Central managed to score 2 more touchdowns after that.  Ugh!  Very upsetting.  Final score: 39-27.

Bubba’s game Saturday wasn’t really any better.  I couldn’t find my camera so I have no pictures of Saturday and I would rather not revisit it anyway.  It was sort of lonely for me.  Nacho and I were the only ones in the stands rooting for Bubba (Ty worked the concession).  I wish my  crew were here… 😦  Needless to say they lost too.  For the first time ever, Bubba’s team was shut out.  27-0.  *sigh*  My poor guys…

Sunday was uneventful.  We went to the park and played with the kids and let them run around.

Tyler had practice on Labor Day so we had to wait til his practice was done before heading to Smyrna for Labor Day picnic.  We finally got there at 1:30 and met new people and hung out with family.  A good day…

Lai enjoying a chocolate cookie

TJ and Nacho discussing the laws of physics (hehe)

My guys after eating delicious food (chop suey, ribs, pineapple chicken, meatballs, chicken kabobs…)

Kalio and Ty

Shana and Lai

Caleb and Ty

Elia and Lai dancing on the tables (so adorable!)

This boy knows how to pose for pictures.

Meghan with the poi balls.

Eva showing off her tricks.

Of course, they wanted to play with the balls too. 

It was a good weekend.

How was yours?