Take a wild guess what we did this weekend?

‘Cept this time it was in Spring Hill. At the rec.
It was different, unlike our usual.
I think I prefer our usual.
There were too many oglers. (DH thought so too).
It was fun though, because we got to hang out with…

It was us 5 adults, and a wholemessa kids. We’re the party train ya’ll! Choo-choo!

It was 95 degrees and HUMID. And really bright, hence the squinty faces in all the shots.

He’s so pretty…

Before all the fun began, we went to Tyler’s picture day for his team pictures. It rained some, but they got done in a couple of hours. This was just the Freshman team!
These boys are big boys.

After going to church Sunday, we went to see Stacie play volleyball…

This girl’s fierce. And so pretty.

Stacie and her lovely mom Aunty Michelle.Uncle Chris and Nacho

And look how big Mikey is getting…
Check out the rolls. His feet are so little. Well, maybe they’re normal 3 month old size, but for his body, their tiny.

He makes me smile.