This past weekend was fabulous! Bubba had a great birthday weekend. We started off with a trip to Centennial Park. Nickelodeon “Slime Across America” was there and it was free to the public. I thought it would be packed, but it wasn’t bad at all. We got prime parking as soon as we arrived, and found a shady spot under the trees just a few feet from the car. The kids were really excited about seeing all the Nickelodeon stuff in our town…
Here’s Bubba in front of the iCarly booth. They had a full band setup in there and you stand in line to play one of the instruments, you play to the iCarly theme song and they film it. Cool.
Lai was napping for most of the time we were there.
Here’s DH watching from our shady spot.
These were the hosts of the Slime Across America. Katie and I forgot dude’s name. Sorry “dude” These two had high energy as any kid show host should, I suppose. It was too hot for me to be that high energy. Am I showing my age?
Anyway, these two told the crowd to stand where they are and jump up and down and make a lot of noise. Then they ran through the crowd and handed out these “passes” to kids who made the most noise. These kids would get on stage and play their popular “red team” “blue team” games involving slime and fun. Here’s the crowd when they said they were coming through to find kids to come on stage…It was loud. Bubba wouldn’t do it. He was being shy.
Nate played one of the games with Bubba. It was an obstacle course ending with a slide. Lloyda’s helping Nate out here because he also got a case of the shyness thingie. What’s up with that?
Bubba flew through this course!
It was hot out. The temp got up to 100 degrees, and being out in the sun made my kids look like this…
Ty smiling with the Parthenon behind him.
Bubba in front of the obstacle course.

The crowd gathering in front of the stage.

Of all the fun things happening in the park that day. Nacho finds a small patch of sand the most exciting thing.
Even Lai thought so.

She got to play for 30 minutes before we decided to leave.

After the park, we took the kids to watch “Batman: The Dark Knight”

And OMG, this movie is AWE-to-the-SOME! I want to see it again.

I think it is by far the best movie this year. Read the reviews, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

More on that later…

After the movie, we treated ourselves to ice cream! This ice cream shop was conveniently located 50 feet from the theatre. They get a lot of business. Anyway, they are the ones that mix the ice cream and toppings/ingredients on a marble slab right in front of you. Their waffle cones are huge and DELICIOUS! We ordered 4 Rocky Roads in waffle cones and the birthday boy ordered a sundae.

On Sunday we got up early (8:30) and went to church.

After service we let the birthday boy pick the restaurant and he chose….. guess?…… yep, McDonald’s. My kids love that place.

After lunch we did our usual Sunday summer activity. ..

Happy Birthday Bubba!