So yesterday was Father’s Day. I had to work Saturday and spent an hour after work (2:30-3:30) in the park with a group of knitters for WWKIP, world wide knit in public day. There were about 8 other women there under a small tent and an umbrella. It was kinda too hot for knitting but a nice little gathering for like-minded people. I felt a little out of place since I got the impression that most of them knew each other prior to the meeting. Anyway, I started a new sock while there and haven’t felt the urge to continue working on it. I got about 3 inches done on it…
After that, I was planning on taking the kids to a surprise party for a wounded soldier coming home from Iraq. He was hurt in an attack and was flown to Germany for surgery to help save his life. He underwent numerous surgeries and was not expected to survive. He’s a fighter. Anyway, the party started at 4:00 and we didn’t make it. We just followed Mike and Sose to their house to hang out with them until my hubby got off work.
Hubby arrived after 7:00 that evening and we hung out for a couple of hours before heading home…
The next morning, Sunday, I got up and made breakfast for everyone. I gathered the kids, who wrote sweet little letters for their Dad and went up to wake up the honoree. He was delighted. He opened the 2 presents I had bought during lunch break on Thursday, and was like a kid in a candy store. I love giving him presents. It’s like he isn’t used to getting them. I guess he didn’t, growing up in a not-so-privileged home. It warms my heart to see such gratitude and joy… Anyway, we ate breakfast together then relaxed, played Scattergories, listened to some music. Then decided to go to the pool. We went to the Y again and I noticed more lifeguards on duty. I counted 10. They are really beefing up the staff since the incident last weekend… It was awesome and a great deal of fun was had by all. Unfortunately, my camera’s acting up. I took about 50 pics this weekend and none are in my memory card! Ugh! I don’t know what’s wrong with it. This sucks. My camera is like a third arm. Ask anyone who knows me. They’ll tell you. I feel handicapped without it. That thing goes everywhere with me. EVERYWHERE. And now, it is on the fritz, broke, jacked-up, not cooperating…. *blah*
*crying like a baby*

I am at work right now juggling this post and phone calls (Ty, my mom, patrons, our PR person). I feel like a rope in a tugofwar. I need to go now. I’ll post again later. Hopefully with some pics because by some miracle my camera starts working again. Let’s cross our fingers.